The importance of volunteering has long been recognised by the EU. However, a systematic and structured EU approach to volunteering and the recognition of voluntary work is lacking. The You Voice project aims to promote the inclusion, active participation of young people and enhance the employability of young people through the creation of a voluntary work certificate.

In this context, this project revolves around the implementation of the ECVET system for the validation of the knowledge, skills and competences of young volunteers and youth workers.

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The main actions for this project are:


To promote the skills, competences and knowledge which young people in the participating countries and Europe in general have acquired through voluntary work and informal and non-formal learning processes.


Promote the inclusion and employability of young people, including those with fewer opportunities and young immigrants and refugees.


Support the improvement of quality and innovation of youth work and volunteering in NGOs, organisations and institutions (private and public) and further develop and train those involved in youth work.


Promote the recognition and quality of voluntary work and promote networking, training and exchange of good practice among youth workers at local, regional and European level.