The project"YECh Voice Youth Volunteering Certification" project responds to the need to create an objective and formal method for accrediting the qualifications of volunteers at European level.Indeed, in many EU countries, the formal recognition of voluntary work is very recent or almost non-existent, while it receives disparate treatment in the different vocational education systems.

Therefore, many professionals and young people have acquired skills and knowledge through voluntary work and their skills are currently not formally recognised, as in many cases they have been acquired through their professional experience.

The main expected outcome of the You Voice project is the establishment of a methodology for the development of a certification and recognition of volunteer work, which consists of a number of distinct phases:

  • Establishment of the Volunteers' profile
  • Development of the certification methodology - Establishment of the certification
  • Establishment of the credit system
  • Estabelecimento do sistema de créditos
  • Pilot testing / Platform development
  • Policy recommendations

The importance of volunteering has long been recognised by the EU. However, there is no systematic and structured EU approach to volunteering and the recognition of voluntary work. The You Voice project aims to promote inclusion, active participation of young people and increase employability through the creation of a voluntary work certificate.

In this context, this project revolves around the implementation of the ECVET system for the validation of the knowledge, skills and competences of young volunteers and youth workers.

This project is supported within the framework of the European Erasmus+ programme - Innovation