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RightChallenge is a non-governmental organisation which aims at the promotion of vocational education and training as a means of social inclusion and equal opportunities. We believe that education must focus in the integral development of all people - independently of social status, age, or gender – in order to prepare them to intervene and participate in all dimensions of society, such as family, work, community and leisure. So, as an organisation actively engaged with the community, one of our pillars is lifelong learning, because we have the conviction that it’s essential to sustainable development, as it promotes active, democratic and responsible citizenship among citizens.

RightChallenge activities are aimed to ensure quality and access to non-formal education and to overcome the deficits in access to lifelong learning in Portugal, while promoting the valorisation of human capital and generating value in organisations by providing integrated training services.

RightChallenge recognises that non-formal education and lifelong are extremely important to develop social, emotional and cognitive competences, while promoting the individuals’ personal fulfilment and well-being. As an organisation who strives for the holistic development, we promote and develop positive transformations in society and facilitate the access of learning opportunities for citizens who face educational attainment obstacles.

Our specialists have a wide range of expertise in education, training, youth, sport policies and networking activities. We create resources and curriculum (both in online and face-to-face environments) to support educators to address the needs of their target-groups.

Our network of research groups, universities and other educational institutions allows us to develop and organise courses, meetings and conferences to participate actively in the non-formal education debate. Our interventions promote human resources development and capacity building in the fields of education, training, youth and sport activities.

RightChallenge develops a social intervention by promoting institutional training of social actors and qualifying stakeholders for an effective intervention and for strengthening of the social sector.

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Email: geral@rightchallenge.org

Morada: Rua do Conde de Ferreira, nº 208, Bonfim 4000-222 Porto

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