Inclusion and Diversity

Education, training, youth and sport activities aimed at fostering inclusion and diversity of people with fewer opportunities with the intention to create inclusive environments that foster equity and equality, and that are responsive to the needs of the wider community.

Environment and fight against climate change

Education, training, youth and sport activities to enable behavioural changes for individual preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles; develop sustainability competences of educators and education leaders regarding environmental sustainability. Developing green sectorial skills through oriented curricula and testing of innovate prectices to prepare learners, staff and youth workers to become true agents of change.

Participation in democratic life and Digital Transformation

Non-formal learning activities with the purpose of support active citizenship (participation in democratic life, social and civic engagement) foster the development of social and intercultural competences, critical thinking and media literacy.

Education, training and youth activities for learning, assessment and engagement of digital technologies. It includes developing the digital skills and competences of all the educators, citizens and organisations.