We promote education and training as a means of social inclusion and equal opportunities.


We build alliances for community growth.

"Education has bitter roots, but its fruits are sweet!"


Social inclusion

Create inclusive environments that foster equity and equality

Fight against climate change

Preparation of trainers, educators and youth workers to become true agents of change.

Digital transformation

Development of digital skills and competences of all educators, citizens and organizations.


We train the facilitators of transformative community empowerment

We promote

Personal and professional development through open education resources.

Latest news

Newsletter # 2 Projeto Erasmus+ IADLiber

Temos o prazer de anunciar o lançamento da nossa newsletter nº2 do projeto IADliber! O projeto IADliber visa apoiar os educadores de adultos com menos oportunidades nos seus esforços para aumentar a competência necessária para reconhecer e combater a dependência da...