The VIDA project will develop and pilot a completely new type of drugs awareness training through the provision of innovative interactive infographics addressing the 3 key themes of Problem Definition, Appropriate Response Actions and Prevalent Problems Today.

4 infographics will be developed for each thematic area resulting in a suite of 12 infographics each one focusing on a clear, succinct message. While these infographics will obviously have a direct impact as simple posters or images to display or share through social media, the real innovation of the VIDA project is that each of the 12 infographics will contain a QR code which leads directly to a fully interactive version with a range of different learning resources embedded as videos, audios, quizzes, puzzles, digital breakouts, WebQuests, etc. Each of the 12 interactive infographics will comprise a combination of at least 3 or 4 different learning resources that address the specific topic chosen. This will help to ensure that all learning styles can be catered for and that the learning outcomes can be reinforced throughout the learning experience.

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The main actions for this project are:


To support the implementation of these resources the project will also develop an In-service training programme for front-line youth workers to build their skills to develop interactive infographics; 


A Peer leadership programme to support a new cohort of peer leaders to harness the full potential of the interactive infographics developed and build their knowledge about the key themes being addressed;


 VIDA MOOC - An Online interactive portal that hosts all the learning materials developed and is accessed through QR code contained on the hard copy infographics developed.