We know. Lockdown has become a standard in our life in a matter of weeks. It didn’t take much for us to be now working from home, having virtual meetings every day and using chat to speak with our colleagues. But if don’t work? Nor study? Well, why don’t you take the time to learn something new? This is a great opportunity to go down the rabbit hole of that subject it has always picked your interest. There is no shortage of content online. First, choose what you want to learn. Then, use this century’s best friend: Google. Who knows, maybe the first result is what you’re looking for. If not, let’s try YouTube then. A lot of indie creators and professionals use YouTube to share their knowledge for free. Maybe this is the time to learn your first line of code and get your first “Hello World”. Well then, neither Google nor YouTube were helpful. Let’s go into EdX. EdX is a huge provider of open online courses. It offers university level online courses in a wide variety of disciplines to a student body worldwide, including some courses at no cost. Above all, don’t let your brain cells die!