At a time when the EU state members are almost recovered from the previous financial crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak comes bringing with it the prospect of an economic downturn. While the external situation is a main cause for the dire situation some families live in, many do not have the key financial literacy skills that could help improve their circumstances. As a consequence, they are not able to work around the situation of uncertainty and mitigate the impact of the financial difficulties.

The Money Matters consortium aims to answer to the lack of key financial literacy skills and to empower marginalised and disadvantaged families by providing them with tools to improve their financial literacy skills. 

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The main actions for this project are:


Train-the-Trainer Programme for Adult Educators - this training programme will focus on ensuring that adult educators are fully trained to act as family learning facilitators and to harness the potential of the MONEY MATTERS educational resources


Financial Literacy Induction Training for Parents - this induction training will focus on developing the financial literacy capacity of parents and guardians, supporting them in their role as facilitators of family learning within their immediate family networks and measuring the distanced-travelled by these families by capturing the soft outcomes achieved;


Digital Resource Toolkit - a range of educational resources, including comic books, digital escape rooms and a mobile app, will be developed. These materials will aim to develop the financial capability of various age groups from children aged 6-12 to young adults;


Financial Literacy Library - this online portal will be freely accessible to all those who wish to develop their financial skills and comprise all the resources and materials developed throughout the project.