Investment in entrepreneurship education is one of the highest returns Europe can make, as entrepreneurship and self-employment are key to achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The key role played by start-ups in promoting economic development and job creation is increasingly understood. Factory floors are progressively being replaced by creative communities whose raw material is their ability to imagine, create and innovate. In this new digital economy, intangible value increasingly determines material value as consumers seek new and enriching "experiences".

KRE8R aims to bridge the gap between training providers and (nascent) creative entrepreneurs. It has developed a curriculum that meets the needs of (nascent) entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industries. With over 100 hours of training and resources, it goes beyond generic courses, addressing specific issues related to CCIs and speaking to them in a language that the creative brain can understand.


The main actions for this project are:


Creative Business Development Curriculum for Creative Entrepreneurs Emerging - KRE8R program: a customized curriculum specifically designed for entrepreneurs and emerging artists in the cultural and creative sector. This curriculum was delivered in a mixed learning environment. It includes 8 separate training modules, complementary readings, a skills and attitudes wheel to be acquired to become an entrepreneur


In-service training for VET practitioners: a tailor-made training programme to support VET tutors in developing the new curriculum and ensuring that the required learning outcomes are achieved. Induction training also addressed issues related to the delivery of training in blended learning environments


Policy brief: recommendation for a line of action based on experiences and lessons learned in the course of the project


Creative business case studies: a series of case studies that profile creative entrepreneurs and their businesses in each partner country to help inspire nascent creative entrepreneurs