The project “EMPOWER” addresses domestic violence, and aims to support families to develop their resilience to prevent cases of domestic violence.

EMPOWER is innovative as it takes a family approach to tackling this issue, involving parents as educators and providing a toolkit of learning materials to support all age groups - from children to adults in the family - to build strong, healthy and positive family relationships.

Gender equality is one of the foundations of European policy, however, we must accept that we will never achieve gender equality as long as there is persistent and large-scale gender-based violence against women. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, where "home" did not mean "safety" for all. Unfortunately for some it is where violence, abuse and control take place devastating families and communities.

In this project you can find the following materials:

  • Introduction to pedagogy programme for parents.
  • Programme for Parents to Build Positive Family Relationships.
  • Family Learning Tools - Comics, Interactive Magazines and Audiobooks.
  • In-service Training Programme for Adult Educators.

The Empower's main goal is to support families at risk of violence through the development and implementation of unique, age-appropriate educational materialsthat can be applied in a family learning environment and address all family members to prevent violence within the home.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme. - Innovation