The EEOB project provided a personalized and innovative qualification concept that addresses a wide range of skills relevant for both young workers and young people.

For 18 months, dissemination activities were implemented, such as multiplier events targetting young workers, social action students, workers and other organisations interested in the administration of schools and public services. The materials and resources developed were tested by the project partners.

The EEOB project reached directly at least 1000 people (YW youth and marginalized youth in seven EU countries). Its overall long-term impact aims to go well beyond this number in the coming years through the use of the resources creates. The most relevant impact was directed at youth work organizations, the quality of their work, the implementation of innovative methods and the design of training courses and activities.

The biggest impact has been at local and regional level. The translation of the resources and materials developed into all partner languages, including english, will allow for a bigger impact at European level. EEOB aims to contribute to a positive dynamic in the European society through political awareness, social inclusion and tolerance.


The main actions for this project are:


To help qualify socio-educational leaders to deal with democratic promotion measures for the prevention of racism, homophobia and othera, as well as the promotion of inclusive measures for refugees and migrants;


Materiais conceptuais para ações e processos de conceção individual de atividades destinadas a promover a compreensão democrática, atitudes inclusivas e o desmantelamento do racismo, do radicalismo violento e da discriminação em geral.