Even though there are many support programs for the inclusion of people with disabilities, it has been shown that the percentage of youth with disabilities reached with these activities is very reduced due to the lack of preparation of the entities and the lack of training of the workers.

Thus, our project consists of a strategic alliance where we will share good accessibility practices in youth organizations and carry out an analysis that will be materialized in a guide of the aspects to be evaluated in order to make European youth organizations more accessible. In addition, we also intend to respond to the need for actions aimed to raising awareness about some aspects and situations in which the fundamental rights of young people with disabilities are not respected.


The main actions for this project are:


To develop and implement a METHODOLOGY OF GOOD ACCESSIBILITY PRACTICES through the cooperation and implementation of joint initiatives between European youth entities, in order to promote the skills of workers in the field of youth and youth employment


To SUPPORT YOUTH WORKERS in the development and exchange of effective methods that reach young people with disabilities


RAISE AWARENESS IN THE PRESS about certain aspects, situations and moments when the fundamental rights of young people with disabilities are violated