Since 2014, there has been a worldwide growth in the use of challenge-based learning in both physical and digital learning environments. They represent an innovative way of bringing technology and critical thinking to the learning environment, and the benefits are twofold: games have a history of promoting engagement in a learning environment, even among those for whom formal education has failed; collaborative elements help students develop social and teamwork skills.

"Digital breakouts are different from other forms of games where the player controls an avatar; in digital breakout challenges the student is put directly into the game and consequently the effects of experiential learning are more effective" (The Rise of Online Challenge-based Resources, University of Ohio, 2016).

The XCAPE project proposes to create a comprehensive set of fully online digital breakout challenges to attract those on the fringes of education and training and to support them in building the key components of creative and critical thinking through a challenge-based learning approach.

The key message is that learning is not a spectator sport, and the more one achieves the immersion of the student in the learning process, the greater the potential for sustainable results.

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The main actions for this project are:


Compendium of Digital Breakout Resources


In-service training programme - will provide essential and continuous support for the professional development of VET tutors, enabling them to harness the full potential of these dynamic new learning resources.


XCAPE Online Platform - a personalized, fully mobile, collaborative online learning environment that enables access to all digital disaggregation resources