The number of NEETs in European countries is increasingly worrying and the situation is expected to worsen with the impact of Covid-19. NEETs represent the youth that is "not in education, employment or training". 

To give these young people an opportunity to be integrated back into education or the job market, the CASINO project was created. The CASINO project will make available resources to develop the following competences:

  •  literacy and alphabetization through text comprehension
  • numerical reasoning and understanding through mathematical computation
  • critical and creative thinking through problem solving
  • a sense of initiative through logical and spatial thinking
  • learning to learn through information retention and memory development
  • digital and technology-based competences through basic coding exercises


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The main actions for this project are:


Compendium of Digital Breakout Challenges - a range of 192 digital breakouts in english and 24 in each partner language will be developed. These resources approach essential skills for the integration of NEETs.


In-service training - a training for VET tutors aiming to guide them in how to use the resources developed in the project and how to create their own.


CASINO MOOC - an online learning platform where all of the project's materials will be openly accessible.