With the current Coronavirus pandemic, large masses of the workforce are working from home. The number of cars on the road has decreased dramatically, the number of flights has also decreased and the number of non-core services still operating is quite low. With all this, according to the BBC, carbon emissions have fallen by 25% in China and 50% in New York, and NO2 emissions have begun to disappear over Italy and Spain. In such critical moment for the world’s population, nature seems to be returning to its balance. However, this regeneration will not be forever. In a post-Pandemic world, society will have to take its experience and draw conclusions. Yes, we can use the car less. Yes, it is possible to travel less. Yes, it’s possible not to fill supermarkets without necessity.  This whole situation has shown us that yes, it is possible to change our habits. So, when we are all safe again, when society is working 100% again, it is important that we look at the habits that we want to regain and compare them to the habits that we are having now. In a post-Pandemic world, we can continue to respect the environment, but without fear.