Volunteering is a deeply fulfilling activity. By helping others, we can gain experience, education, and a sentiment of accomplishment. But not everyone is able to go out, even more so right now. So, why not volunteer from home?  Yes, from your desk in your bedroom. There are a lot of places who offer volunteering opportunities where you can still be at home. During this pandemic, a lot of organizations are in need of help managing their staff, their workflow or the income of donations. In times of large amounts of work, organizations can quickly become understaffed and may need help from volunteers. This is the moment you can step in. Look around your city for organizations looking for volunteers and ask them if they have any volunteering opening where you can work from home. And, if you don’t find any opportunity open, offer yourself to this. Choose an organization you can see it’s in a strenuous moment and offer your help. This is the moment where we can all help each other, and by helping someone help another one, you are guarantying a better world while also getting something for yourself: experience and accomplishment.