Boyan Slat. Is the name familiar? No? We’ll talk about him today. Boyan is a Dutch inventor. When he was 16, he went on holiday to Greece and found himself surrounded by more plastic than fish. So, as any 16-year-old kid would do, he dedicated is high school project to the research and understanding of why the ocean was so hard to cleanup. He created an idea to clean the ocean around a passive system, using the circulating ocean currents to his advantage. Boyan gave up his aerospace engineering studies to create The Ocean Cleanup, a non-governmental environmental engineering organization. Boyan devoted his life to the mission he found on the shores of Greece and, after some years of development, he deployed the first prototype of his technology to cleanup the ocean.  The first attempt failed after two months, being towed in Hawaii but he didn’t give up and, since 2019, his second prototype is going around the ocean, trying to clean it up.