Skill-Pics is a project that focuses on the development of transversal skills, such as digital literacy, entrepreneurship, critical and creative thinking, leadership, innovation, problem solving, teamwork and social impact.

This project aims to promote learning through the integration of innovative educational methods, such as Digital Breakouts and WebQuests.

During the implementation of the project, it is expected the development of a compendium of interactive infographics that address transversal skills, the creation of an online learning platform that comprises the resources developed and the creation of a training program in the format of workshops directed to teaching through interactive infographics.

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    The main actions for this project are:


    To promote the acquisition of transversal skills through the use of alternative teaching resources


    To support the acquisition of transversal skills for vocational education


    To support VET educators in the development of their own resources and in the incorporation of Digital Breakouts and WebQuests in problem-based learning


    To promote a cross-curricular approach and, consequently, collaborative work between educators