The project “SIS-SME” project developed a strategic and innovative training programme for entrepreneurs and business managers, with the aim of supporting a progressive recovery from the impact of Covid-19.

The project developed training materials in the form of EduZines designed for learning on smartphones, with the aim of lowering the uptake of education and training in the SME sector.

The project focussed on developing SMEs' strategic innovation skills to ensure that they are informed and equipped to take advantage of emerging opportunities in today's digital world.

Innovation is an important building block for business success and enables to stay relevant and competitive, as well as promotes the development of different sectors.

The project has also developed an in-service training for VET professionalsto ensure that they firstly have knowledge about strategic innovation in the SME sector and more importantly develop their pedagogical and digital skills to be able to harness the potential of online learning, which enables them to deliver a high quality VET service in the context of Covid-19, which makes traditional face-to-face education unfeasible.

This project is supported under the European programme Erasmus+ - Innovation.