The project “SHAPE – SHaring Actions for the Participation and Empowerment of migrant communities and Local Authorities” aims to encourage the participation of people with a migrant background and migrant civil society organisations (CSOs) in democratic processes and in the design and implementation of integration policies at local, national and EU level for migrant communities.
Integration policies tailored to the needs of third-country nationals cannot be built without the direct involvement of people and communities with a migrant background. Even today, these communities struggle to find space and tools to be an active part of socio-political change.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Strengthen integration policies and promote dialogue between local authorities and migrant communities;
  • Bring together citizens with a migration background, local authorities and policy makers to co-design pilot projects aimed at triggering a participatory process at local level, while creating a structured and formalised method of consultation for local policies in different fields;
  • Sensitise citizens in Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Germany and Portugal about the positive contribution of migrant communities to EU societies.

The action targets 3 states, the so-called border states Italy, Hungary and Croatia, where public opinion seems particularly negative towards migrants and 2 leading states regarding the participation of migrants in the democratic process, Germany and Portugal.

This project is funded by the European AMIF Fund (Transnational Actions on Asylum, Migration and Integration).