The project “ReliableGREEN"project addresses the topic of remote working through learning with innovative and accessible educational resources for businesses and labour markets in the European Sustainable Economy.

The project aims to provide the training framework for adult educators, employees and future employeesto develop their digital, software and transversal skills and competences that will help them to easily adapt to this new fast-paced international trend.

Providing these skills and competences and encouraging companies and policy makers to continue to adopt teleworking will bring numerous social, economic and environmental benefits, having a medium and long-term impact on the European community.

Therefore, the project will meet these needs and support SMEs and VET tutors by providing customised education and training materials that will develop key skills and competences in back-office staff and SME leaders.

Indeed, the project aims to develop customised training methodologies, curricula and resources that respond to the needs of back-office staff, SME leaders and VET tutors in order to adapt to a remote working environment and make it a reality for the business environment.

In this way, the project will definitely cultivate European, digitalised and environmentally oriented businesses.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Establish a labour market hub at the level of each partner country in order to support the implementation of remote working.
  • To bridge the gap in the provision of vocational education and training to support SME employees to upskill for a remote working environment.
  • Empower adult trainers with skills, competences and attitudes needed to design innovative and technology-orientated training activities and services for enterprises.
  • Fostering digital, soft and soft skills of SME employees to adapt to a remote working environment.
  • Improve employee well-being, motivation and productivity when working online.
  • Developing innovative and easily accessible educational resources for innovative working practices.
  • Developing an e-learning platform centred on self-assessment and training accessible to all.
  • Provide management tools for SME leaders to enable them to digitally manage the organisation's activity.
  • Increase flexibility in working patterns at SME level.

This project is supported under the European programme Erasmus+ - Partnerships for cooperation in vocational education and training.