The project “Reintegrate Wellbeing” project focuses on workers who have suffered from burnout and remain unemployed as a result of it (focusing especially on long-term unemployed); as well as companies/employers interested in ensuring sustainable well-being for their employees.

In this sense, the project aims to raise awareness about burnout and analyse the state of the art of policies and practices to address it in the countries involved, to develop transversal competences for workers suffering from burnout and to help employers build healthier working environments. It also aims to train professionals with new skills, using innovative and flexible materials.

Thus, the following activities will be developed:

  • Development of a methodological framework and Toolbox of Policies and Practices.
  • 360 Curriculum and mentoring activities (training materials to be developed based on the previous step).
  • Development of the MOOC Platform, e-learning modules and mini job fairs.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.