The project “READY” project aims to strengthen the socio-ecological awareness and capacity building of its young beneficiaries.

Through the environmental issue, young people will develop skills in campaigning, project management, communication, advocacy, etc. They will participate in capacity building sessions and will be invited to take initiatives to create and publicise project activities in their local contexts and online, including through a blog that they will all manage together and which will be used to share their actions with other beneficiaries abroad.

The project aims to increase the database on the main obstacles and opportunities faced by young people in disadvantaged suburban areas, improve transnational cooperation between youth workers, raise environmental awareness, increase green skills and empower disadvantaged young people to engage in environmental preservation in their own communities, ensure the sustainability of environmental awareness through peer-to-peer learning, and expand employment opportunities for young people living in disadvantaged areas through capacity building activities aimed at increasing green entrepreneurship skills.

Este projeto é apoiado no âmbito do programa europeu Erasmus+ – (ERASMUS Standard Budget-based + LS Type II)


ADL Zavidovici


Arc en Ciel

LDA Tunisia


Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG)

LDA Northern Morocco