The project “PEACE EDUCATION” project aims to support young people in developing social, intercultural, communication and problem-solving skills; motivation to learn languages and improve computer skills; learning from other cultures; being more positive, creative and happy.

The main aim is to provide young people with resources to help them strengthen their understanding and action in favour of peace education.

The project emerges as a need for pupils to use the right vocabulary, have opportunities to put into practice and have endless possibilities to internalise and apply the skills needed to support peaceful problem solving in the future.

To achieve this the partners will work for 24 months to enhance peace education competencies of teachers and students:

  • To provide teachers and students with a conceptual understanding of peace education.
  • To acquire a holistic and critical understanding of the theory and practice of peace education.
  • To search for and identify the best ways to teach peace.
  • To review evaluation studies on the impact and effectiveness of peace education.
  • To model, experience and practice peaceful classrooms and healthy group dynamics.
  • To become critical learners and reflective peace practitioners.
  • To gain an appreciation of the foundations of just and peaceful societies.
  • To encourage positive action and non-violent conflict resolution in society.
  • To enhance students’ intellectual flexibility, creativity & problem-solving capacities.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme. - School Education