The project “Media Hacks” project aims to develop the media literacy of local communitiesby supporting citizens to become both content creators and ethical content consumers.

As the use of technology grows in everyday life, more and more people are turning to online sources for news and information. While this allows people to gain more knowledge and be more informed, not all information available online is reliable.

The digital world is full of misinformation and fake news. The project aimed to work on developing citizens' skills to enable them to cope with the stress and pressure of today's society, mitigating the impact of fake news campaigns that try to destabilise the status quo.

To equip communities with tools to combat disinformation and with sufficient knowledge to detect misinformation, the Media Hacks consortium developed an approach to improve the media literacy of local communities by empowering members to produce reliable content and to take an ethical stance as content consumers.

The project developed a community audit toolkit, a Community Media Skills training programme - through workshops - and media moderation resources and training for communities..

This project is supported within the framework of the European Erasmus+ programme - Innovation