The project “Learning Circle” project aims to promote sustainability in all areas of society and the economic sector is no exception. It was therefore essential to promote the development of the circular economy, as it is based on models of reduction, reuse and recycling. The circular economy represents a means to promote the development of the economy and innovative solutions and, therefore, it is gaining more and more importance nowadays.

The Learning Circle aimed to support entrepreneurs and promote sustainable economic models and the development of the circular economy..

Within the project, several learning resources have been developed for both entrepreneurs and anyone wishing to acquire or consolidate knowledge on circular economy.
All resources are freely accessible through the project platform.

The project has developed the following educational resources:

  • An In-Service Training programme - training programme for VET trainers, divided into two parts: Part A, focused on understanding circular economy and developing entrepreneurship and Part B, focused on developing pedagogical and digital skills for online teaching.
  • EduZines and Interactive Infographics on Business Models for the Circular Economy - development of a set of interactive resources to increase knowledge on circular economy business development.
  • An Online Learning Platform and a Community of Practice - a learning platform has been developed, where all materials are freely available. The platform will be accompanied by a community of practice to support collective learning.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.Innovation