The "Inclusive Hubs" project seeks to mitigate the challenges faced by migrant students in the school environment, by focusing on their education, cultural mediation, health and well-being, and transforming four schools (one in each partner country) into hubs/centres of inclusion.

In addition to this final objective, Inclusive Hubs also aims to: (1) (1) empower school leaders, teachers, staff and local actors, to more effectively and consciously support the inclusion of migrant learners in the education system and wider society; (2) Develop the language skills, well-being and resilience of migrant learners and their families; and (3) Provide resources for migrant parents to act as cultural mediators in schools.

The results of this project include:

  • A Report identifying the current state of research and barriers to inclusion;
  • Toolkit" on how to make schools centres of inclusion;
  • Curriculum addressing the most relevant issues and resources on inclusion for inclusion workers;
  • Policy Paper with practical recommendations and action plans for each partner country;
  • Development of four schools into inclusion centres (one in each partner country).

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.