The project “Health Without Borders” project aims to improve the health literacy of migrant, refugee and marginalised youth in an integrated learning perspective, while promoting a set of innovative socio-educational approaches for youth workersto raise awareness among migrant and refugee youth about the importance of health literacy in their daily lives.

There is growing evidence that health and education are closely related and influence other parameters such as poverty and income levels. Education has the power to improve not only prosperity, but also has a great effect on health.
Despite the immense benefits, health literacy remains a challenge for European public health. Research results have shown that more than one third of the EU population has difficulties in finding, understanding, evaluating and using the information they have about their health (Sørensen et al., 2015).
Health literacy should be given special attention during the pandemic to combat the rapid spread of the virus. In view of this global pandemic development, one of the main challenges is to provide appropriate education and healthcare to migrants and refugees across Europe. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filipo Grandi warns that the new wave of refugees arriving in Europe is living in very poor sanitary conditions, especially vulnerable during the pandemic. Difficult access to education and health literacy therefore makes this population extremely vulnerable.

The project has created the following resources to help the target audience improve their skills:

  • Health Literacy Resource Kit - The Health Literacy Resource Kit has interesting and easy to use educational elements to ensure that the reader really understands how to proceed once they have read, watched or listened to it. Our materials contain images, short texts in simple language.
  • In-Service Training Programme - The In-Service Training Programme is aimed at youth educators, social work specialists and non-formal educators.
  • Website - The main objective of the Online Portal is to provide a multilingual and interactive online platform to enable full access to the educational resources developed throughout the project, for the target groups and stakeholders.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.