The project “GameOFF” project has developed a game with the aim of promoting a more conscious attitude towards internet addiction.
The internet has become an integral part of children and young people's lives. However, the increase in time spent online is raising questions about whether they are in control of their use and, above all, whether they are aware of the side effects and causes of maladaptive behaviours related to excessive internet use.
Recent European research analysis has shown that not only does time spent online make internet use problematic and 'excessive', but also the impact of internet use on what is termed a 'balanced life'.
Excessive online exposure can affect physical health, children's ability to stay focused, leading to poor school or academic performance, and has a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing, and can also be linked to lower empathy and social wellbeing or withdrawal from physical and face-to-face social interactions.

The project seeks to promote and develop a tailor-made approachby surveying several countries on the habits of children and young people in relation to the time they spend on the internet.
To this end, the partners have developed a game to moderate the screen time of children and young people.

This project is supported within the framework of the European Erasmus+ programme - Innovation