The Internet has become an essential part in the life of young people. However, the long time spent online is raising doubts about if Internet use is under control or if there is awareness about its secondary effects and how excessive use of the Internet can be related to maladptive behaviour.
Recent analysis conducted at European level revealed that the amount of time spent in the Internet is not always the only cause of its problematic or excessive use, but also the impact that it has in what could be called a "balanced life".
Being overly exposed online can affect physical health, the childs' ability to keep themselves focused, leading to worse academic performance, and has a negative impact in their emotional wellbeing. It can also be the cause of having less empathy and social interactions.
The GameOFF project will develop a game aiming to promote a conscious attitude about Internet dependency.

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The main actions for this project are:


Developing a tailor-made approach, based on research conducted in different countries about the relation between children/teens behaviour and the time they spend online.


Developing a game aiming to moderate youngsters' screentime