The project "FMID - Film production for youth inclusion and development" promotes digital literacy among young people and youth educators. It aims to increase young people's cultural awareness, aid their understanding and promote social inclusion by giving them a voice, tools and skills to express themselves and understand each other.

Early school leaving, marginalisation and the potential of video creation seem, at first glance, unrelated. However, audiovisual creation skills have become a great asset for those entering the labour market or planning their own business. These skills can be used to support communities of young people at risk of self-expression, but are also useful for professional networking, job search, branding, lifelong learning, sales and marketing, etc.

Online video creators seem to be more likely to recover from a crisis (such as the one created by the Covid-19 pandemic) than from a "traditional" professional job.

The FMID project, in addition to increasing digital literacy levels among young people, is designed to achieve more intangible values:

  • Developing a set of resources on video creation for young people.
  • Support young educators in training on video creation, with the help of the manual and in-service training.
  • Providing an online learning and collaboration environment to share the results of the project, enabling the use of educational resources and the sharing of videos created by project participants.
  • Provide a series of events for young people and youth educators.

This project is supported under the European Erasmus+ programme - Partnerships for cooperation in the youth field.