The project “FLIPPING” project will support digitalisation and the development of innovative skills among VET educators and learners.

Expectations for teaching staff to adapt to rapid changes in the world have been increasing disproportionately to the amount of help provided to them.

In the COVID-related crisis, educators in many EU countries were expected to facilitate the transition to online learning without adequate resources and - even more importantly - without the necessary training to do so properly.

The project consortium believes that in the coming years it is even more crucial to support teachers in digital transformations, to ensure the exit from the crisis and the permanent creation of digitalised education systems.

Public discussion on digitalisation and innovation in education tends to focus more on traditional educational institutions, especially with younger learners, so the partners decided to create a project that is useful for a much wider audience, and that supports innovative approaches in vocational education and training as a key sectoral priority.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.