The project "FINPOWER - Empowering women for financial sustainability through microlearning" project aims to strengthen women's financial literacy in a sustainable way, so that they can optimise their decision-making.

With the knowledge acquired in the development of this project, women will increase their financial management resources and strengthen their self-esteem and confidence in their financial abilities to participate equally in modern society.

The Financial literacy is essential for the economy, financial balance and its development. High financial literacy enables people to better manage their financial problems, and perform better in their career choice.

Across the EU, there are still significant gaps between women and men in terms of financial literacy levels, which is leaving women at a disadvantage overall.

The main objective of the project is to increase women's skills in financial literacy, including the latest important developments in this field (sustainability, virtual assets, cryptocurrencies, etc.) in order to strengthen their financial literacy.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.