The project “EMPOWER” project aims to promote and restart young women's entrepreneurship against unemployment, intends to help overcome barriers in the sector through digital training of people in entrepreneurial skills and exchange of good practices, facilitate the learning of business management content specifically tailored to the needs of the target group and promote competitiveness, secondary diversification, sustainable development and job creation.

The project aims to address the following needs:

  • Lack/low entrepreneurial and IT skills, especially in the field of Social Enterprises;
  • Smaller and less effective entrepreneurial networks and policy frameworks that discourage female entrepreneurship;
  • Low self-esteem/lack of confidence, especially due to gender inequalities;
  • Lack of female entrepreneurship role models;
  • Poor access to financial support in raising start-up capital for business creation. Women use one third of the start-up capital than men due to more difficulties in dealing with banks and entering informal financial networks.

The project promises to offer career guidance systems to young women who want to develop and lead social enterprises or engage in the world of entrepreneurship, by providing high-quality materials and training with innovative methods and individualised tools to support young women and encourage them to adapt to the post-pandemic labour market.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.