Involving marginalised adults in education and training can be a thankless task for educators equipped only with the basic tools and pedagogical approaches.

What is needed to attract reluctant learners back into education and training is a new, comprehensive approach that ignores the traditional institution-based offering focused on disciplines and instead seeks a more open and expansive offering based on embedded learning techniques and open-house community learning festivals.

Rewarding even the smallest learning outcomes is essential to encourage those who recommit themselves to continuing their education.

The ELEVATION project aims to develop a new comprehensive and personalised learning framework to attract back into education and training those furthest from the mainstream.


The main actions for this project are:


A set of 24 thematic resources in a mini-learning format for the acquisition of key competences that incorporate learning in artistic subjects; cultural subjects; digital and social media; sport and hobbies.


An in-service training programme and a support manual for adult and community educators to harness the full potential of the embedded learning resources provided on a customised basis.


A planning manual for a community learning festival that contains all the plans and resources needed to organize a community learning festival


A personalised e-learning portal to ensure that marginalised adults have access to all learning resources made available on a range of fixed and mobile devices