Web 4.0. it provides connections between humans and machines to create interactive data for the new internet relationship. Using Web 4.0 in daily activities helps symbiosis between humans and machines. With the use of intelligent data, virtual realities are becoming increasingly common. The introduction of RFID tags on devices regularly found in the home helps to establish links between humans and machines and these devices and applications are becoming more intuitive to the needs of users.
The goal is for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to gain the following skills:
Present the investment opportunity as effectively selling yourself and your product; understand your product in the market; alleviate investor / financier fears and concern;
Show that you have a relevant business model: in terms of market routes; estimate financial returns and revenues; vulnerability to competition and market change;
Present the scalability of your product or creative idea and a true market assessment : Market Intelligence; competitive advantage; competitor analysis;
Protect your intellectual property.
ESMART will also provide essential continuing training to adult training tutors to ensure that they are aware of the internet and its potential for start-ups.
Most importantly, build pedagogical and digital skills to help harness the learning potential to deliver a high-quality training service in the current Covid-19 context.

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The main actions for this project are:


Compendium of opportunities for small entrepreneurs – a training curriculum will be developed as it will have specific modules adapted to the needs. The modules will be tailored to needs and address opportunities to learn more about the internet and web 4.0, despite the impact of Covid-19.


Compendium of materials to build resilience within IT companies and industries during the pandemic - this compendium will focus on building resilience to promote digital skills. The modules will address issues such as: Detection Opportunities
Valuing Ideas
Ethical and Sustainable Thinking
Self-awareness & self-efficacy
Motivation and perseverance
Mobilising resources
Financial and economic
Mobilising others
Taking the initiative
Planning & management
Lidar com a ambiguidade
Uncertainty & risk
Working with others
Learning through experience


Mooc platform and community of practice -will be developed a online learning platform where all project materials will be available for free access.