The project "Career Compass - Finding Career Directions for a New Era" project aims to support young adults in communities to develop their management skills and career resilience for the post-pandemic society, and for the labour market. Specifically, the aim is to improve the provision of lifelong guidance in our regions, and improve its integration into lifelong learning frameworks , by developing a suite of 40 micro-learning resources linked to the Scottish Career Management Skills Framework, and supporting the development of local synergies between education sectors.

Career Compass will develop a comprehensive delivery model for a new career planning intervention to support young adults who have dropped out of formal education, suffered pandemic-induced job losses, or are currently in vulnerable employment. It will take an ab initio approach to develop these new features at introductory and advanced levels.

In the course of project implementation, the following features will be developed:

  • Career guidance guide for young people
  • Career Compass Professional Development Training for Adult Education and guidance professionals
  • Creation of synergies for better continuous guidance.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.