The project “CARE-Connect To Nature” promotes the employment of young people in sustainable companies, through training available to become eco-literate and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs, so that they can find sustainable jobs.

The project focuses on increasing youth employment in the green sector.. The focus includes collecting data to present the knowledge, attitudes and habits and expectations of young people regarding ecological literacy and green entrepreneurship, creating online training programs and the competition for young people who dream of green start up..

The project aims to provide young people with learning, teaching, training and internship opportunities so that they can have employment in green entrepreneurship companies and acquire skills to start their own green development company.

The program provides for young people to be able to see trends, activities and changes in the sustainable economy, through interaction with mentors in effective workplaces. Thus, they can realize how to contribute to human well-being, sustainability, biodiversity and eco-industries as well.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.