The project “Artistic Licence” project aims to use a unique combination of different performing arts disciplines to develop tailored training resources that would support the acquisition of key skills among increasingly marginalised adult and migrant communities in Europe.

To achieve this, partners considered the in-service training needs of educators to enable them to harness the full potential of these alternative methodological approaches. Since, educators are primarily responsible for supporting demotivated adults and members of migrant communities on an educational pathway towards highly valued key competences that are essential for social inclusion and personal fulfilment.

The first step in redefining an education service capable of engaging those furthest away is the design and implementation of in-service trainings for adult educator teams and with personalised educational materials that can help overcome multifaceted learning difficulties.

The project developed:

  • Building Basic Skills Toolkit.
  • In-service Training Programme.
  • Online Learning platform.
  • And finally, a Policy Paper

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.