If education is to play any role in the lives of hard-to-reach adults who are furthest from regular service provision or for the growing communities of newly arrived migrants across Europe, the design and delivery of the education process needs to be completely rethought.

In the education sector as a whole, adult education is regarded as the poor relation in providing high quality in-service training for the continuing professional development of staff. Within the adult learning sector itself, there are other disparities, with less training support provided to educators working in informal community adult learning programmes than those working in more formal adult learning environments.

The Artistic Licence consortium believes that the first step in redefining an educational service capable of involving those furthest from provision is the design and implementation of tailor-made in-service training for an elite team of adult educators and its funding with a full complement of tailor-made educational materials that can help overcome multifaceted learning difficulties.

Educators are the key trainers to support disengaged adults and members of migrant communities on an educational journey to the highly valued key competences that are essential for social inclusion and personal fulfilment.

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The main actions for this project are:


A set of resource tools to build the basic skills and competences that are based around the different disciplines of performing arts


A training course for adult educators to explore the potential of the performing arts for building basic skills and key competences


A tailor-made e-learning environment to support mobile learning


A discussion paper that provokes reflection and analyses the role of alternative educational approaches in responding to the needs of marginalized adults