The “APP HOP” project aims to support entrepreneurship education through interactive online tools.

The project developed and tested a completely new entrepreneurship curriculum, based on the EntreComp Framework, but presented as a series of randomised challenges for smartphone access.

The project created 15 resources (digital breakouts) per partner - each one of the 15 most popular smartphone apps per theme. Each resource addresses one of the 15 competences identified in the EntreComp Framework. The specific competency will be tailored to the app chosen by each partner, depending on what they consider most appropriate at their local level. Each individual digital start-up resource will comprise a series of 4 different challenges that become increasingly difficult.

The use of smartphones and the habits and preferences of young digital natives, who use them on a daily basis, is both an opportunity and a challenge for educators, so the project has developed an in-service training programme for VET tutors, so that they can improve their skills and competences to create their own learning resources.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.