The proliferation of mobile technology devices and the habits and preferences of young digital natives who use them on a daily basis for the widest possible range of activities is an opportunity and a challenge for educators. If these devices can be successfully harnessed to provide learning resources for entrepreneurship in formats that are coherent and attractive to today's digital natives, then the growth of entrepreneurship, which is of considerable importance for all local economies, can be achieved.

The AppHop project consortium takes up the challenge of developing and testing a completely new entrepreneurship curriculum, based on the EntreComp Framework, and presented as a series of randomized challenges accessible through smartphones.

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The main actions for this project are:


Compendium of Digital Breakout Entrepreneurship Resources - the Digital Breakout learning resources will address 3 competence areas identified in the EntreComp Framework and resources will be made available to develop each of the 5 competencies in each key competence area. In total 15 digital breakouts will be developed by each of the 8 project partners.


AppHop in-service training programme - In-service training will also be provided to support VET tutors' PCD. this training will enable tutors to develop their own digital unbundling resources


AppHop Portal - a tailor-made interactive online portal is under development. The resources developed can be accessed trough this link .