The project “Adults for Future” project aims to strengthen the capacities and support of green activism as a basis for building resilience and a healthy lifestyle.

The project aims to engage seniors in green practices through activism and address the various issues they face. It also aims to support adult educators and adult education centres to engage older people in environmental education. It also aims to strengthen the role of older people in their participation in the environment in society.

Green activism is often seen as a concern only of the younger generations, while the views of older adults are usually not mentioned nor are they part of the adult education perspective.

The consortium carried out a field research with qualitative interviews in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus to better understand the skills and expectations of the elderly in different areas of their daily lives, with a view to a more sustainable life (ecological reform plans, energy consumption, organic food, community involvement, barriers to activity, etc.). The consortium also engaged with adult educators on the ground to discuss these issues.

In this regard, the project will develop the following features:

  • Training course for adult educators with the development of strategic guidelines for sustainable education in adult education centers.
  • Scenario-based online course on environmental activism for seniors and through games.

This project is supported in the frame of the Erasmus+ European programme.