Gender equality is one of the cornerstones of European policy however, we must accept that we will never achieve gender equality while there is a persistent and wide-scale gender-based violence against women. Specially during this time of Covid-19 pandemic, where “home” does not mean safety for everyone. Unfortunately for some is where the violence, abuse and control take place devastating families and communities. .

Empower purpose is to support families at risk of violence through the development and implementation of uniquely, age-appropriate education tools that can be applied to a family-learning environment and addresses all family members in its approach to prevent violence within the home.


The main actions for this project are:


Programme for Parents to Build Positive Family Relationships- Empowering Parents will develop their own awareness about domestic violence through six topics, delivered in a combination of face-to-face workshops and an online library of digital resources;


Family Learning Toolkit- Will be developed different materials: Comic Strips for Young Children, Interative Magazines for Teenagers and Young Adults and a audio book for Senior Adults;


To support the implementation of these resources the project will also implement an In-service training programme to develop the skills and competences of adult educators.