CARE – Care For Nature is an Erasmus+ KA2 funded project with the aim of increasing youth employment in the green business.We empower them by training as eco-literate and green entrepreneur so they can find green jobs. We can provide learning, teaching, training activities and internship opportunities to them so they have been employed in green start up companies and they gain skills to start their own green start up company. The project has brought together 6 partners from Slovenia (Ekonomska šola Novo mesto), Turkey (Nature Conservation Centre), Austria (Innovation Education Centre), Italy (CIAPE), Spain (UCAM) and Portugal (Rightchallenge), all of them related with youth, online-training, nature conservation, entrepreneurship and eco-literacy.  The project focuses on increasing youth employment in the green business. Our first focus includes collecting data to present youth’s knowledge, attitudes and habits and expectations regarding ecological literacy and green entrepreneurship. Moreover it also includes analysing and describing the green start up company by data collection from the selected institution through a survey and we will create a list of key topics like sustainability, waste management, packaging, water and energy conservation, carbon emission and finally we will prepare a guide as how to be eco-friendly or green start up company. The second focus is designing online training program. We will cultivate young people as ecoliterate and green entrepreneur by online-training, mostly interactive video lessons with core learning modules. After the training they have a change to apply the internship program in green start up companies. The program provides that young people are able to see the trends, activities, and changes in green economy by interacting with supervisors on real job site. They can see how to contribute to human wellbeing, sustainability, biodiversity and eco-industries as well. The third focus is organising a competition for young people who are dreaming of green start up. According to a survey conducted by MonsterTRAK, young workers want employment with a green company: %80 of those surveyed said they are interested in a job that has a positive impact on the environment and a whopping %92 would chose working for an environmentally friendly company.

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